• I have used Pulse Locating on several occasions for service location and excavation work. I am particularly impressed by their high safety standards, work ethic and customer responsiveness. They are my first choice for this type of work and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

    Steve Austin
    Instrument & Electrical Project Coordinator. Aroona Alliance
  • I have worked with the team from Pulse Locating for many years now and they are my first choice when I need underground services located. They have the capabilities to undertake any job that we have requested while also being able to maintain the flexibility and personal communication that I have been accustomed to in the many years working with them.

    Yujun Chen
    Geotechnical Engineer, Douglas Partners
  • CPB are currently engaged by Main Roads western Australia to construct the Wanneroo road Joondalup drive interchange, consisting of road works, Bridge and Roundabout construction, and detailed service relocations.
    Pulse locating have been instrumental in providing comprehensive service locating, consisting of Drawings ,depth and direction, colour coded service identification to complete detailed design of new road and Bridge construction.

    They have demonstrated their commitment to safety by aligning with service providers to ensure compliance with permits and conditions, advising on safe work methods and protection methodology of high risk activities working in the vicinity
    of high risk services.

    There site personnel continue to be engaged and pro-active in CPBs expectation of our safety essentials and their equipment is well maintained contributing to meeting or exceeding programme.
    I would thoroughly recommend Pulse locating for any service locating requirements and look forward with confidence to future projects.

    Kevin Bassett
    Senior Supervisor, CBP Contractors
  • We contracted Pulse Locating for a critical underground services location job at a remote site in Western Australia. We faced challenging conditions, with very little services data or location information and power and fibre optic running in unknown locations. We contacted Pulse for the project and they were able to mobilise immediately and fly up the next day. Extremely professional, easy to work with, and they managed to find all services with their advanced location detection and ground penetrating radar. Really highly recommended.

    David McKinney
    Founder, Island Power Co
  • I give Pulse Locating a 10/10, from scheduling the job to the assistance received on site.

    They tech helped us out a lot. He was over prepared and able to help us out by immediately by being able to go from a scan-only request, to helping us vacuum the holes out. This helped us deliver our service the same day, as anticipated even though we hit snags.

    His can do attitude was also commendable.

    As a whole, Pulse meets our requirements well due the the ability to move on last minute requests. Our clients need things done at 99 and we have in the past struggled to find other companies that can mobilise and change approach as fast, if not faster than we can. Over all, very impressed and we have been recommending Pulse to our other clients.

    Pieter Bezuidenhout
    Agrimate Fencing