Concrete Scanning Perth

Pulse Locating’s Concrete Scanning service can help to minimise risk, prevent cutting, drilling or coring mistakes when structurally assessing concrete structures and slabs. Our team uses non-destructive investigative processes combined with our quality equipment to accurately locate and mark reinforcing steel, power conduits and post-tensioning cables. Slab thickness can also be determined by non-destructive means.

Scanning is completed using a small hand held GPR designed specifically for accurate inspections of concrete structures and slabs.

Reporting is completed on-site and delivered to clients with all unit details, gain and dielectric settings. Reports can be sent in a 3D image with all cross scans relating to the work area. On-site marks are left with client approvals for drilling and cutting references.

Concrete Scanning assists with keeping construction costs down and increasing site and worker safety.

Concrete Scanning & Coring Perth


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a method of retrieving sub surface images by using high-frequency radar pulses. Our Concrete Scanning Perth and Coring technology can assist you in locating… …pipes or cables below

Quality Levels

In tougher ground conditions, medium to high pressure water can be used via a lance and suction pipe to cut through clays and road bases. Our potholing lances are designed to use pressure and suction at the same time to reduce mess and provide safety to our workers. Although medium to high water pressure may sound damaging to services, it is pivotal in locating pipes and cables as it significantly reduces the use of other digging tools such as shovels and crow bars which could cause extensive damage.