OHS, Compliance & Quality


Regulatory Compliance Levels

Service location technicians are governed to provide specific levels of utility detection. These levels are found in Australian Standards 5488 Classification of Subsurface Utility Information. Other supporting documents are the Utility Providers Code of Practice for WA and MRWA Underground Utilities Survey Standards.

There are 4 quality levels that guide our industry. For safety reasons, Pulse Locating always recommend and prefer to work at Quality Level A, however can work to B in certain situations.  The lower two, C and D must be provided automatically to reach the higher levels.

Quality Level A (QL-A)

This level is defined as potholing or positive identification. QL-A requires each service to be seen by a technician. QL-A is the only sure way to determine pipe size, material and an accurate measurement on depth and alignment below ground level. This level allows for a tolerance or + or – 50mm in both horizontal and vertical spatial measurements.

Quality Level B (QL-B)

QL-B or design provides a relative position using Ground penetration radars GPR, electromagnetic line tracers ELM and other associated equipment. Surface marks are painted on the ground to indicate a utility position that is relative to a spatial measurement of + or – 300mm horizontal and + or – 500mm vertically. This method of service is provided automatically to achieve quality level A

Quality Level C (QLC)

This level is created at a planning the second of the planning levels. This level incorporates the data gathering in quality level D but should include additional information that is not available from data gathering only. An example of this is a specific site visit. Site visits will help determine ground conditions, road conditions and can also alert client and locators to additional services that may not appear on dial before you dig drawings such as but not limited to stormwater drains.

Quality Level D (QL-D)

QL-D or data gathering is used at the very start of all jobs and is included in every quality level. Ordering DBYD, obtaining engineering drawings, reviewing as constructed mark ups are all on this level.

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