Vacuum Excavation & Potholing Perth

Potholing using vacuum excavation, is a safe and accurate method used in exposing buried assets. Large industrial vacuums create high suction pressures through hoses which remove soil from the surface to the assets i.e. water and gas. Holes created by the vacuum remain open for the visual inspection of what we are locating.

In tougher ground conditions, medium to high pressure water can be used via a lance/ suction pipe to cut through clays and road bases. Our lances use pressure and suction at the same time to reduce mess and provide safety to our workers. Although medium to high water pressure may sound damaging to services, it is pivotal in locating pipes and cables as it significantly reduces the use of other digging tools such as shovels and crow bars which could cause extensive damage.

The soils removed from the excavations are stored in hopper tanks until the inspection of the service is complete then replaced to the same position that it was removed from.

Our Vacuum Excavation & Potholing in Perth can be used for:

  • Potholing – exposing services located
  • Fence / bollard holes
  • Pier holes
  • Non destructive trenching
  • Pit and conduit cleaning
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Hydrant & valve box cleaning
  • Small trenching
  • Deep excavations
  • Large filtration tanks


Vacuum excavation perth

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