Pulse Survey

Pulse Locating is committed to providing our clients with the most accurate of data, using cutting edge equipment and methods, whilst maintaining and adhering to the MRWA UUS Survey Standard 67-08-121.

All equipment is serviced and calibrated to manufacturers specifications.

All information can be surveyed in any format or data requirement that the client requires. Plotting and presentation of the information, profiles and customised drawings can be created to suit client needs.

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Quality Levels

In tougher ground conditions, medium to high pressure water can be used via a lance and suction pipe to cut through clays and road bases. Our potholing lances are designed to use pressure and suction at the same time to reduce mess and provide safety to our workers. Although medium to high water pressure may sound damaging to services, it is pivotal in locating pipes and cables as it significantly reduces the use of other digging tools such as shovels and crow bars which could cause extensive damage.